Scrapshots - She went shopping for art supplies and guess what she bought...

She went shopping for art supplies and guess what she bought...

Yes, I'm referring to myself in She Art terms. Guess what's been on MY mind?

About 2 weeks ago (yes, THAT long ago and I'm only blogging about it now) I visited what will probably be by new favourite store. The Deckle Edge in Woodstock looks like a quaint little art shop from the outside but, my oh my, when I walked in I almost sent hubby a message saying, “see you tomorrow; this place is HUGE!”
I found them through trying to order from Faber Castell directly online (they don't ship to South Africa). When I arrived home and started unpacking and playing I became so excited that I HAD to photograph my new stash (well, most of it.)


On the photo you can see the Faber Castell Pitt pens. Oh my goodness, they are divine. They blend so easily (on a non-porous surface) and dry to a perfectly permanent finish. No smudging or bleeding.
The Reeve's Gesso is amazing. I was specifically looking for a gesso that can be used straight from the tube. The tubs can become uncomfortable when it comes to the end of a rather large tub and you have to dip a brush or sponge right down to the bottom. And it was so much cheaper than the other brands.
I simply had to try the Liquitex inks. Their colours are so vibrant and you can create the coolest effects by squirting blobs onto a project and allowing it to drip down.
And then there is the Pentel Aquash brush. You fill it with water and, ta-da! No more dipping and dripping. It works especially well with the Gelatos, which is another product I purchased recently.


These little wax sticks can be blended dry or with water. The most amazing backgrounds can be created with these or they can be mixed with paint or texture paste to create your own mediums. Stamping, stenciling, the possibilities are endless.

Lastly, the day after visiting my new favourite store, THIS arrived in my post box.


Excitement all over! The Faber Castell Big Brush pens are very similar to the Pitt pens. They are basically just bigger. These markers contain Indian ink and pretty much last forever. AND mine came in this amazing little box that makes it so easy to find the right colour in the blink of an eye. I discovered them while watching mixed media tutorials. Artists like Christy Tomlinson and Jill Foster use them in almost all their projects. Go check them out! Search Youtube for Faber Castell and be amazed.
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Posted by Sara Asman | October 27, 2013 | 18:41:15

Hi. I saw this post whilst googling where I can get the Faber Castell Gelastos pens. I see that in this post you said you had purchased them. I know this was last year but hopefully you can tell me where you got them from....

Posted by Margaret | October 28, 2013 | 16:18:32

Hi, can you tell me where I can purchase the Faber castell Gelatos in South Africa.

Posted by Alain Guy | January 18, 2014 | 23:45:37

Where did you buy the Gelatos and the big brush pens please?

Posted by Gizelle Pinto | January 30, 2014 | 22:45:52

Came across you page whilst searching for a place to buy Gelatos in Cape town. We have a Deckle edge at willowbridge in Durbanville but must make a trip to Woodstock I think...
May I ask where you ordered the black box of pens from?
Here is another inspiration if you are into mixed Media Vicky Papaioannou
Look up Gabrielle Pollaco and Kelly Rae Roberts.

Posted by Melissa | May 02, 2014 | 12:16:19

Hi. Just wondering if any of you found a place to purchase the Gelatos and Pens in Cape Town? I don't see an answer in the thread... I've just discovered all these items and would love to try them but can't seem to find where to purchase them...


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