Scrapshots - Let's get busy: Mixed Media Monday

Let's get busy: Mixed Media Monday

Hello friends, bloggers and fellow craft artists!
Don't you love that title? Craft artists. I saw it on the cover of a craft magazine recently and loved it immediately. I have always wondered what to call myself as crafter sounds so... so.... you know.... and I am definitely not an artist. “Craft artist” sums it up perfectly.

So... this blog has been awfully quiet. Truth is, I am too lazy to photograph my projects. It is one of the hardest photos to try and perfect and I simply don't have the patience. But, as I have discovered in the past, I work well under pressure and perform when I set myself some deadlines. So I have decided to make a “blog schedule.” I am starting small, once a week. You've guessed it: Mixed Media Monday! And one other day of the week I will post something else like a scrapbooking layout. As I grow accustomed to sticking to the deadlines I will add more to the schedule.

So here goes...Mixed Media Monday
I watched a video tutorial by Jill Foster where she created the most beautiful Christmas Tree canvas. You can find the tutorial here.
So I decided to base some Christmas cards on her canvas. The result was a mixed media Christmas card with the most amazing texture and colours.


Thanks for looking! Have a fabulous week!
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Posted by Anna Wolleben | October 15, 2012 | 13:16:49

You are an amazing craft artist, my friend!!!

Posted by Anna Wolleben | October 15, 2012 | 13:20:24

You are an amazing craft artist!!!


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