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Catching up

I know I've been quiet but it's definitely not because I haven't been creating. The truth is I have been creating so much and dying to blog about it but I've simply been too lazy to photograph my work. So I have some catching up to do. Here goes...

First of all I received some more gorgeous Enmarc goodies. I still have so much to use up and I just received MORE. I feel like royalty every time another parcel arrives.

This page was made with the purpose of displaying the beautiful Enmarc “Deco Frame: Door 1.” I covered it with Fabscraps paper and distressed it slightly to fit in with the beach theme of the page. The photo was taken at Sea Point in December last year. I used Dazzles: Clay pot at the bottom and Waterloo at the top of the page to create the effect of sand and water.


The following page was created tonight. I love the Enmarc “Jumbo Page Essentials: Mama's Lace”, especially the huge page frame. I misted it with Perfect Pearls in Heirloom Gold. The photo is of my DD when she was only 7 weeks old and just starting to figure out how to smile.


I have also been trying my hand at She Art. I discovered the concept on the internet and fell in love with it. I have seen so many examples and watched as many tutorials and other videos as I could get my hands on. Even my 7-year old DD is totally excited about this new art form. We spent 45 minutes watching a video by Mystele (not She Art; she calls it Folk Art) and Little Miss Chatterbox lay as quiet as a mouse, totally mesmerised by the beauty that was taking shape on the screen.

The great thing (for me, anyway) about She Art is that the girls usually don't have faces. In my second attempt my girl had 3 faces. I kept drawing a face and painting over it again, until I eventually decided that she will remain faceless.

This was my first attempt:


And my daughter's:


And this one was painted this week after watching Mystele's video:


That's it for now. Tomorrow I have a mixed media date with a friend and her daughter and I will upload the final product soon.
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