Scrapshots - Scrap-a-Doodles Design Team Audition 2014: Oh My Hat - Step by step

Scrap-a-Doodles Design Team Audition 2014: Oh My Hat - Step by step

For my second project for the final round of the Scrap-a-Doodles Design Team Audition I have created a canvas.


Start with a blank canvas. I used a 14 x 10“ canvas panel.

Using hot glue (or your reliable alternative - I prefer hot glue because I know it holds), glue pieces of lace ribbon to your canvas. I used white because I buy most of my lace ribbon in white or cream but you can use any colour.


Now fill in the blank spaces with gesso. You can work as neat or uneven as you like. I prefer a more uneven texture. Don't worry if your gesso goes over your ribbon.


Add strips of washi tape while your gesso is still wet. This helps the washi tape to stick to the uneven surface as it dries ”into" the background. You can wipe some of the gesso that is already on the canvas over the edges of your washi tape.
One of my current favourite techniques with washi tape is squishing it for added texture.



Add more texture with a stencil and texture medium, in this case I used Faber-Castell Whipped Spackle. It's like gesso, only much lighter. Again, don't worry if you go over your ribbon and/or washi tape.



It's time to add colour. Use your favourite mists and go wild. I used Enmarc Dazzles in Rose Petal, Pink Flamingo, Sunflower, Ice Cube, Victorian Rose and Wild Grape.


Start preparing your canvas for the photos. You can use frames or mats, layering as little or as much as you prefer.
I used a sheet called Strips from the Summer Soul collection by Fancy Pants Design, fussy cutting the banner and cutting and using the rest of the strips on the page.


Now add your photos. I prefer working with 1 jumbo or a few smaller photos.




Now embellish your canvas and add a title.




Finally, ink your edges for a rounded off, complete look.

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