Scrapshots - Life Book: Week 14

Life Book: Week 14

I know I am sharing my Life Book lessons in an odd order. The reason is that I am behind on sharing and... well, it makes sense in my head anyway. Another reason is that I am also behind (so, so far behind) on the lessons and have given up on completing them in order. So it doesn't really matter in what order I share them.

This lesson by Tamara Laporte was probably the most fun I have ever had doing some “actual” painting (as opposed to applying random products on top of each other until it looks good). It was a bit scary at first with all the shading and fine detail but Tam's explanations are so super detailed that a 5-year old (and even I) can follow it.

We started off cutting our paper to form a fold-out booklet that will later be added to our Life Book. A mixed media background was created using mostly stencils and sprays and the quirky birds drawn and painted on each of the “pages” of the booklet.


The last bird was the most difficult for me. Tam wanted a birdie that was more pretty than quirky. I'm afraid mine looks just as whimsical as the rest. But that's okay too.


The end result is a booklet that folds open to reveal a series of quirky birds.


The idea behind the lesson was to use words from a song or poem that grounds us. I chose the lyrics from “How He Loves” by John Mark McMillan, placing random words and phrases on the birdies and on the front page.

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