Scrapshots - Life Book: Week 18

Life Book: Week 18

During Week 18 Dawn DeVries Sokol presented a lesson on creating a Page of Affirmations.

We started off by creating a mixed media background, then added a picture of ourselves and filled the page with graffiti style writing. The words Dawn used were uplifting and encouraging words and phrases to remind ourselves that we are awesome, creative, strong and can do anything we want.

I decided that I don't have to think of things to tell myself. The Bible tells me all those things, so why not use Scripture to confirm the things I need to be reminded of every now and again?

I used verses from Psalm and Song of Solomon and added some lyrics by Misty Edwards.


The page received quite a few likes and comments on Life Book's private facebook page and even a private message from someone who wished to thank me for giving her the courage to be more open with her faith. All I could think was, “wow! Make a stand for God and look at what He will do for you”.
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