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Sketchabilities: All is Bright

I started a “Progress album” for my daughter before she turned 4. (She is 8 now.) The album covers milestones and family photos from birth up to her 4th birthday. I have now set a deadline for myself. The album HAS to be completed by the end of the year. I actually want to go as far as to say that I will not scrap any other photos before this album is complete.

All the photos are printed and placed in the sleeves where the pages will be. It is simply a matter of scrapping the pages. Easy, right? HA! I am one one those scrapbookers who want to scrap what I want to scrap when I want to scrap it.

Well, progress has been made. These photos are from Christmas 2006. Karla was a year and 9 months old.
(Just look at the short hair. Her hair only started growing when she was 6. Now she is EXTREMELY proud of her long hair and refuses to have it cut.)


The layout was based on the sketch by Sketchabilities.

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