Scrapshots - Happy girls are the prettiest

Happy girls are the prettiest

For Karla's birthday in March we invited 3 friends and went to Mouilli Point for a day of putt-putt and picnic. After quite some time in the Cape Town sun we went home for a swim. What a day! Four 7-8 year old girls can be very cute together but boy!they DO fight over the silliest things. Still we had an amazing day with awesome weather.

This photo was taken at the putt-putt.


Here are some closeups of the cute elements.







I have been having a real tough time with Karla's blog between Nucleus and Bloglovin. The title link is simply not linking. The blog link works perfectly. If anyone has a Nucleus blog linked up with Bloglovin and you have overcome this hurdle, please give me some tips. I am getting desperate. I have now also tried Networked Blogs and it seems to give a whole NEW list of errors, so I gave up after the first 5 seconds. Hubby has been searching the internet and changing and updating things all over the place and not been able to find a solution either. One of those moments where you go, "weeeeeelll, if YOU can't fix it, how do you expect ME to know?! HA!
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