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Crafted Christmas

Karla and I made a Christmas card for her teacher tonight. It soon became clear to me that her sole intention was to use up as much as possible of my Christmas stash. She became very upset when I tried to stop her by explaining that the card was already perfect the way it was.

So here are a few of my Christmas projects. Just by the way... I have come to the conclusion that if layouts and projects were models mine would definitely be runway models. While they are great at showing off they don't photograph so well. Karla, on the other hand, is excellent at both. Maybe I should stick to photographing her because I suck at photographing projects.

I decorated this little Christmas tree 2 years ago. It has taken root on my craft table every Christmas since then.

Since everybody has been making tags this year and they look soooo cute (check out Tim Holtz and a blog called A Delightful Waste of Time) I have decided to give it a go. The result doesn't look great on photos but the overall effect is quite the eye catcher.

These are my Christmas projects for now. The tree has been decorated, the trimmings adorn wall units and arches... now we just need to make cards for all the special people in our lives. Since card making is NOT my strongest suit I will probably not be showing those off here... maybe next year
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