Scrapshots - Life Book 2013

Life Book 2013

This is my second week back at work after a short rest at the end of the school holidays and I must say, it sucks! I would rather be home creating beautiful things. But hey! People gotta eat and that's where my company comes in. We manufacture convenience food; the type I buy from Woollies when I'm too lazy to cook. I work in accounts and Human Resources; jack of all trades.

So... Life Book. I started in Week 2, caught up on all the lessons and then never posted. You see, even though we have many (TOO many) computers in our home, I share one with my 7-year old daughter who has recently discovered the world of online games and Winx Club videos. So, as I sit down, I am asked, “how long are you going to be?” and immediately lose concentration, get up and walk away. So creating has been happening; blogging has not

I started off with Tam's free course, Art Heart & Healing. My daughter did it with me and loved it. Here is the result of my first week.


And here is my Fairy Art Mother we created in Week 1 of Life Book 2013:


She encourages me by reminding me that my art is for me. I can experiment and play without worrying about perfection or what others might think. And that it's okay to make time to create and forget all the other things that “need” doing.

Our next lesson was a kick-off of our journey, driving our vehicle towards the light at the end of 2013. We jotted down some goals and focused on the things we are thankful for.


Week 2 was a short bonus lesson by Monica Zuniga (whose accent I absolutely adore). We created a doll by assembling randomly stamped images and filled up the painting with words taken from our true intentions.


This course is definitely a road of discovery and I am looking forward to exploring and discovering more!
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