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Scrap Africa Challenge 47: One Night in Vegas

Our current challenge at Scrap Africa is a bright, sunshiny mood board challenge. I have to admit that yellow is one of my least favourite colours (I'm not into citrus colours - yellow, orange, green in any shade) but all that yellow in one mood board HAS to brighten up your day. I also have to admit that I LOVED working with this mood board and especially combining all my yellow elements.


These photos were taken at my husband's aunt's 50th birthday celebration last year. I have a few more that still need to make it onto layouts.
My sister-in-law (family's designated photographer at all events) put together a photo booth with some cool props. I love photo booths and the awesome photos produced by them.



And some more yellow...


And our mood board...


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Scrap Africa Sketch #46: Daai Lippe (Those Lips)

It's a lazy Sunday evening after another very windy day in Cape Town, South Africa. Summer has been short lived and autumn is EARLY! I have to admit, I'm not a fan of autumn at all. Freezing cold in the morning and boiling hot by midday has never worked for me. At the moment we have the cool mornings and evenings of autumn combined with the howling wind of summer. It is definitely not my favourite combination.

On to happier things... I took this photo of Karla after she rubbed an Easter egg (one of the white candy eggs with the chocolate centre) all over her lips. She made me promise not to post the photo on Facebook or send it to anyone. Without thinking, I used it on a layout. She walked in while I was busy with the layout and said, “you're not going to take a photo of that layout and post it on Facebook”. I fumbled a bit, realised my error and then said, “uhm, I kind of have to”. It took a LOT of persuasion to convince her that everybody will LOVE this photo. She finally agreed that I may post it on my blog and Facebook. Ha! Like she had a choice.


I achieved the lovely texture with Faber-Castell glass bead glitter gel and some micro beads, covered in Dazzles.




Check out the AWESOME sketch over at Scrap Africa. The possibilities are endless.


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