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She went shopping for art supplies and guess what she bought...

Yes, I'm referring to myself in She Art terms. Guess what's been on MY mind?

About 2 weeks ago (yes, THAT long ago and I'm only blogging about it now) I visited what will probably be by new favourite store. The Deckle Edge in Woodstock looks like a quaint little art shop from the outside but, my oh my, when I walked in I almost sent hubby a message saying, “see you tomorrow; this place is HUGE!”
I found them through trying to order from Faber Castell directly online (they don't ship to South Africa). When I arrived home and started unpacking and playing I became so excited that I HAD to photograph my new stash (well, most of it.)


On the photo you can see the Faber Castell Pitt pens. Oh my goodness, they are divine. They blend so easily (on a non-porous surface) and dry to a perfectly permanent finish. No smudging or bleeding.
The Reeve's Gesso is amazing. I was specifically looking for a gesso that can be used straight from the tube. The tubs can become uncomfortable when it comes to the end of a rather large tub and you have to dip a brush or sponge right down to the bottom. And it was so much cheaper than the other brands.
I simply had to try the Liquitex inks. Their colours are so vibrant and you can create the coolest effects by squirting blobs onto a project and allowing it to drip down.
And then there is the Pentel Aquash brush. You fill it with water and, ta-da! No more dipping and dripping. It works especially well with the Gelatos, which is another product I purchased recently.


These little wax sticks can be blended dry or with water. The most amazing backgrounds can be created with these or they can be mixed with paint or texture paste to create your own mediums. Stamping, stenciling, the possibilities are endless.

Lastly, the day after visiting my new favourite store, THIS arrived in my post box.


Excitement all over! The Faber Castell Big Brush pens are very similar to the Pitt pens. They are basically just bigger. These markers contain Indian ink and pretty much last forever. AND mine came in this amazing little box that makes it so easy to find the right colour in the blink of an eye. I discovered them while watching mixed media tutorials. Artists like Christy Tomlinson and Jill Foster use them in almost all their projects. Go check them out! Search Youtube for Faber Castell and be amazed.

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Inspiration Tuesday: Helen Tilbury

Hello friends
Meet Helen Tilbury

1023 Helen_1.jpg

Helen lives in Durban, South Africa. I think that is one of the main reasons I am so inspired by her. We all know how hard it is to become “known” in the scrapbooking community, especially here in South Africa where products, and especially certain brands, are hard to come by and scrapbooking in general hasn't taken off the way it has in America, Australia and other countries. But Helen Tilbury has become an ambassador for South Africa in the scrapbooking community. Everybody knows her name. She is (and has been) on more Design Teams than I can count, including some of my favourites, Creative Scrappers and Once Upon a Sketch.

Here is some of her work.

1023 SG_1.jpg

And another


I love Helen's layered style and the way she uses paint, gesso, mists and other messy goodness on her layouts.
Her blog is full of step-by-steps of her layouts, as well as tips and tricks on other topics like how to manage a successful blog.

This tutorial was also one that inspired me and helped me along my Mixed Media journey in a big way.

1023 MM_1.jpg

Check out Helen's blog for some more information and examples of her work.

Mixed Media Monday: She understood the need for change

I try to put a small message on every mixed media piece I make. Something that has meaning in my life at that point in time. Right now I am contemplating several ideas, ways to enrich my life, bring about change, etc.

This red-head found her way to my art table this weekend and I decided that she brought me a message of change.

1022 Change_1.jpg

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Inspiration Tuesday: Christy Tomlinson

Inspiration Tuesday kicks off with a bang! Today I want to introduce you to my hero, Christy Tomlinson.


Christy creates the most gorgeous mixed media canvases, especially She Art. Her designs have so much texture and her layering of colour is awe inspiring. Each piece has meaning and from most of them personal motivation could be drawn.

Christy's website has tutorials and she offers workshops which you can purchase online and complete at your own leisure. I love Christy's blog. It's personal, it's fun, it's colourful, it's informative. And it's where I find most of my inspiration for my own mixed media creations.

Here are some projects to get your mouth watering...


She Art


And another


And one of my personal favourites


For some awesome inspiration check out Christy's blog.

Christy owns the online shop, Scarlet Lime, where she sells paper crafting kits, mixed media kits and a variety of mixed media products, tools and yummy deliciousness to put you in the mood for creating something wonderful.

In more recent news (hehe) Christy recently signed a contract with a licensing agent and her artwork is now available in a variety of merchandise like mugs, journals, frames, keychains, pillows, etc.


She also sells original pieces as well as prints in her Etsy shop.

What I love about Christy Tomlinson is that she seems so easy going. If you watch the video she made of her garage studio you will see that there's nothing fussy about her. She's all about the art. Her videos consist of a constant flow of information (no uhming and aaahing, if you catch my drift) and she shares her techniques and tips without holding back.

Be sure to check out Christy Tomlinson.

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Let's get busy: Mixed Media Monday

Hello friends, bloggers and fellow craft artists!
Don't you love that title? Craft artists. I saw it on the cover of a craft magazine recently and loved it immediately. I have always wondered what to call myself as crafter sounds so... so.... you know.... and I am definitely not an artist. “Craft artist” sums it up perfectly.

So... this blog has been awfully quiet. Truth is, I am too lazy to photograph my projects. It is one of the hardest photos to try and perfect and I simply don't have the patience. But, as I have discovered in the past, I work well under pressure and perform when I set myself some deadlines. So I have decided to make a “blog schedule.” I am starting small, once a week. You've guessed it: Mixed Media Monday! And one other day of the week I will post something else like a scrapbooking layout. As I grow accustomed to sticking to the deadlines I will add more to the schedule.

So here goes...Mixed Media Monday
I watched a video tutorial by Jill Foster where she created the most beautiful Christmas Tree canvas. You can find the tutorial here.
So I decided to base some Christmas cards on her canvas. The result was a mixed media Christmas card with the most amazing texture and colours.


Thanks for looking! Have a fabulous week!

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