Scrapshots - Archive for April 2012

Multiple fold card

I simply had to try this card inspired by Patricia Basson, one of the Enmarc DT members. Armed with a tutorial supplied by Anita Hogan I doubtfully started measuring, cutting and folding. (I'm not shy to admit that card making is not my strong suit.) Before long I was hooked and simply couldn't stop until it was finished. I enjoyed every moment of creating this card.

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Oops, I fell a bit behind on the blog updates. Between uploading creations to facebook and the Enmarc ning site I completely forgot to update my blog. Well, here's an update of what I've been up to.

My latest Enmarc creation looks like this:

My friend loves hearts. She collects hand made hearts to hang in the living room. She has a few gorgeous hearts. Everywhere I go I see all these lovely hearts and I'm always so tempted to buy her one. But I've made up my mind that I'm going to make them myself and I finally got around to doing it. I bought blank wooden hearts from Itz van Alles, covered them with lace paper (my absolute favourite), inked the edges with black ink and embellished them with flowers, liquid pearls, iRock bling and lacy ribbon. The end product looks like this.

My next project was a jewellery box (also bought from Itz van Alles) for a 5-year old's birthday. Also covered with paper and embellished with flowers, butterflies and iRock bling.

I love these blanks and am busy with another jewellery box. I also have a jewellery “wardrobe” and printers tray still to be decorated.

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